Film Scanning, Photo Scanning, Slide Scanning and more

Photo EVO offers several different scanning service styles. We can provide you with high resolution, professional grade scans that allow reproduction far beyond original size, or inexpensive shoe box print scanning.

High resolution professional grade scans are priced for the final or largest image size to be printed. Example: for an 8 x 10 print or smaller a $12.00 scan will do. For a 30 x 40 print the $90.00 scan is required. You may order any size scan for any size print but we can only be responsible for the output when the correct size is ordered.

Shoebox scanning is for archiving memories, digital slide shows or to make prints the same size or smaller than the original. File size is generated automatically with software within the scanner and is not subject to choices other than same size or smaller prints. You may order any size prints from these scans but we can only be responsible for the output when the correct size is ordered. 2.5" tall is minimum size for shoebox scanning and 8"x10" is largest size. Mounted or "stiff" prints cannot be shoebox scanned. Prints must be unmounted, pliable photographic prints to fit into the shoebox scanner.

Please contact us for a quote, as many factors can affect pricing.

NEW - Large original framed prints can now be photographed. Each original has to be evaluated for best practice and cost. Photography starts at $75.00. Please call with your information and we can go over your requirements.

We cannot scan copyrighted material without permission of the owner. We can help you contact owner if necessary, but it is best to call for more details before dropping off copyrighted material for scanning.

If you do not see what you want listed on our website, please don't hesitate to call us at our production facility (616-452-3941 M-F 10:00-6:00)

Shoebox Scans

"Shoebox" Bulk Scanning

Quantity Price
25-48$2.00 ea
49-64$ 1.50 ea
65-99$1.00 ea
100-200$0.85 ea
200+$0.70 ea
Minimum order $12.00
Output file allows printing up to size of original
Prints scanned at 300dpi
Service available for unmounted/flexible prints from 2.5"x3.5" (wallet) to 8"x10".
Price includes DVD
Volume quotes available
Additional options:
copy to USB
photo slideshow

High Quality Scans

High Quality Scanning for Prints & Film

Create a file for print up to:Price
Print stuck to glassadditional $10.00
Volume quotes available
Additional charges may apply for glass negatives, tin types, books, etc, or for larger than 12x17

Slide/film Scanning

Film/Slide Scanning

Minimum $15.00
126 scanning orders require a $10.00 setup fee
Output files are 2-4MB

E6 Film Processing

E6 Film Processing - Develop & Mount Only

Film SizePrice
Minimum order (sheet film only)$25.00
Special Processing (per rack)$10.00