Retouching is a term widely used for “fixing” a digital image, however, in our case retouching means to remove blemishes and lighten under the eyes. Minor retouch removes normal teenage blemishes, and major retouch fixes what might be termed acne. High school senior photos are the main files that need retouching.

These prices are based on the average time to complete general retouching or art services. In some cases general retouching or art services may not be adequate for the image. In those cases, additional artwork may  be needed. Please contact customer service for an accurate quote.

You will receive a DVD of your fixed or finished file in your order. We do not store digital files, so be sure to put the DVD in a safe place for reordering or add to the files on your computer. If you choose, you may purchase a USB for your image or give us one of yours and we will download to the USB instead of a DVD.

Order artwork under the image options tab in the options palette.