These prices are based on the average time to complete general retouching or art services. In some cases general retouching or art services may not be adequate for the needs of the image. In those cases additional retouching or artwork may be requested for an additional charge. Please contact a customer service representative if you feel your image may fall into this category.

Order artwork under the image options tab in the options palette.

Service Price
Minor Facial Retouch (Blemishes)
Major Facial Retouch (Acne/Under Eys)
Braces Removal
Minor Shine
Major Shine
Red Eye Removal
Add/remove small object
Add/remove large object
Add a background
Swap eyes/head
Minor glass glare
Major glass glare
Restoration Quote

Restoration Quotes

Some restoration quotes are on a time basis. If you require a quote for restoration contact customer service.