Hard Cover Classic Photo Book

Photo EVO offers numerous and varied templates for use with our Classic Photo Books, as well as blank page templates for your own designs. As always we offer free custom design from staff. Contact ordering centers directly for more details.

Our Classic Photo Book is our most economical hardcover photo book. It is made with the same equipment and care as our other more expensive layflat books, however the pages do not lay flat. Classic Books are great for wedding albums or books, baby books, graduation books, vacation books and more. Numerous and varied templates are in the ordering system as well as blank page templates for your own design.

As usual, FREE CUSTOM DESIGN is available for our Classic Photo Book.

The Classic Photo Book starts with 10 pages (20 sides) and can be expanded to 50 pages (100 sides) making it perfect for a large number of images. Book starts with images on the left side of first page and end on right side on last page. Classic books are not made for panorama images as the gutter is substantial. If you choose to include a panoramic image, bring file to left side and then again on the right side. Check to be sure the center or gusset does not go through faces or other important areas.

Be sure to use our PSD sizing guides and check your layouts by reading and following all instructions on the guide when designing your own pages and cover. Orders submitted without following the instructions do not qualify for reprinting. Contact customer service for help if needed.

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Size10 pages (20 sides)extra page (2 sides) PSD Guides -
PSD Guides -
5x5 $24.99 $1.20
5x7 $24.99 $1.20
8x8 $34.99 $1.50
8.5x11 $34.99 $1.50
10x10 $39.99 $2.00
11x11 $49.99 $2.00