Invitations and Flat Cards

Photo EVO everyday pricing is usually less than online retailers sale pricing. Click on our Invitation Special above to save even more and get lots of extras.

Christmas Cards, Holiday Cards, Grad Announcements, Wedding Invitations, Save The Dates, Sympathy Cards, Birthday Cards & more are usually ordered under Flat Cards. We have numerous templates that are interchangeable for all, or take advantage of our FREE CUSTOM DESIGN.

Because there are so many colors, fonts and design elements for wedding invitations, most brides take advantage of our FREE custom design. We also include a test card for approval of 100 or more cards.

Photo EVO cards and stationery pricing includes color printing on all sides. For less than the price of box store cards, you can custom design your own sympathy cards, thank you cards, or congratulatory cards and make your message unique. Holiday cards are very popular, and are usually discounted in August, September and October.

Photo EVO will print designs you have purchased or designed yourself under the "your design" tab. Please have staff check your design before ordering to make sure your design has the correct parameters for press printing, or check with our PSD sizing templates. Staff check is a free service.

Note: If you prefer to design your own cards or stationery, please download the PSD sizing template to prepare files for submission. Check your design carefully by reading and following all instructions on PSD guide. Make sure you delete the PSD guide layer before submitting your files. Orders submitted without following the instructions do not qualify for reprinting.

Order our layout test in the checkout options if you are unsure about the final results of your design. When you select this option we will print, score, and cut a test of your order and visually check the layout to make sure no important part of your design or text is compromised by the parameters of the product. Spell check is not included in this option, but our technicians keep an eye out for any discrepancies. Allow one extra day for this option. This option is FREE on card orders over $100.00.

Envelopes are included with the 4 x 5½, 4 x 9, 5 x 5, and 5 x 7 cards.

Flat Cards/Invitations are available in your choice of Classic Satin, Artist Linen, Artist Stipple, Artist Felt, or Pearl for no extra charge. In the PhotoEvo software, select your choice of paper stock in the Options palette.

NOTE: Artist Felt has a heavy watercolor texture best used for files without photos.

Postcards are available in Satin only and do not come with envelopes.

Order Flat Cards in Photo Evo in the Cards/Stationery catalog under Invitations & Flat cards.

2½x3½$ 4.00$ 2.75$1.75$ 0.50$ 0.40$ 0.39$ 0.35
4x5½$ 4.00$ 2.75$ 2.50$ 1.85$ 1.70$ 1.40$ 1.35
Postcardnananana$ 0.89$ 0.79$ 0.66
4x9$ 4.00$ 3.50$ 2.70$ 2.30$ 1.95$ 1.75$ 1.60
5x5$ 4.00$ 3.00$ 2.50$ 2.20$ 1.80$ 1.55$ 1.50
5x7$ 4.00$ 3.50$ 2.70$ 2.30$ 1.95$ 1.75$ 1.60
5½x8½$ 6.00$ 3 .50$ 2.91$ 2.50$ 2.25$ 2.05$ 1.50
6x9$ 7.50$ 5.50$ 4.75$ 4.25$ 3.50$ 3.00$ 2.75
8x10$ 7.50$ 5.50$ 4.75$ 4.25$ 3.50$ 3.00$ 2.75
8.5x11$ 7.50$ 5.50$ 4.75$ 4.25$ 3.50$ 3.00$ 2.75