How do I use Photo Evo?
You may visit one of our two ordering centers in the Grand Rapids area or order online.
We offer two choices for online ordering.
Our lite system needs no software download. You may click on the "order here" box on the website page where you are accessing information about a product. Our lite version is also accessible from your phone or tablet.
Our full version ordering system requires a download and offers more templates, tools and options.
Depending on your computer, the full version may take a few minutes to load. Click on "Download Ordering System" on the front page of the website. If you are a first time user and need help with the software call either 616-264-3363, 616-264-3364, or 616-452-3941 (production) for help.
Please note: Older 32 bit PC systems and MAC systems Snow Leopard and older are not compatible anymore with our full version ordering software.
What kind of files may I use?
PhotoEVO will accept only 8 bit jpeg files. jpegs must be RGB and saved as Baseline (Standard) format. For best color results, all files should have an embedded profile in the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color space.
When naming files, be sure not to use spaces or special characters (&*$#). Special characters may render an order unprintable and spaces in file names can result in products not being set up properly in our system.
What do you mean when you density & color correct my files?
Our highly qualified PhotoEVO technicians make "overall" density & color changes to each file before printing. We do not go into an editing program, nor change saturation, etc. unless we are asked and we charge for those services.
Our normal PhotoEVO corrections are no charge.
Direct printing is available, but we do not recommend it until you calibrate your monitor to our output devices or if your photographer advises it. If you click on direct print in checkout, you are taking the responsibility for the density & color of your images. Please contact customer service to make arrangements for calibration before choosing direct printing. We do not reprint direct printing.
How are my prints delivered to me?
You may pick up your orders at any of our three locations, or they are shipped to you using USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex.
How much is shipping?

There is no minimum on orders for PU at any of our locations.

Orders that total more than $20.00 (without sales tax) with prints smaller than 20x24 ship for FREE to the lower US. Orders that total under $20.00 incur a flat handling/shipping charge of $8.00. Orders that include the print size 24" long and larger incur a $12.00 flat handling/shipping charge. Not mounted prints 20x24 and larger may incur additional shipping charges above the flat $12.00 rate. Large metal print orders 20x30 and larger and more than 15 pounds may have shipping charges. We will contact you about charges before producing your order.

All shipping information above references one shipping address per order.

Call or email customer service with shipping questions before placing your order. Orders with delivery confirmation receipts from our shipper will not be refunded, replaced or credited to your credit card. You may want to have your order shipped to your work address instead of your home to avoid theft.

If your package is visually damaged do not refuse it. Instead, photograph damaged box, unpack, and check for damaged product. If product is damaged, also photograph it. Do not discard anything. Email photos to with your invoice number and we will make a claim with our shipper and replace your damaged product. We will replace your product quickly, but we cannot incur special shipping charges. Your order will be re-shipped as originally ordered. Please take this into consideration if you have a deadline for your order.

What do I do if I have a question or problem?

Contact customer service at or or call 616-264-3363, 616-264-3364, or production at 616-452-3941. For the quickest customer service, call please.
What if I am unhappy with my order?
It is the goal of PhotoEVO to add new customers and to keep current customers, so your satisfaction with our products is very important to us. PhotoEVO will remake an order if an error has been made by our production facility. Shipping for re-makes is the same as the original shipping ordered.
REMEMBER: Product quality depends upon file size, color space, focus, and your design parameters. These things are beyond our control, so if you have a question about the quality of product your files can produce, please call before ordering. Once you have placed your order it may be impossible to stop it from printing, therefore, it is imperative if you have questions to call BEFORE ordering.
Our technicians have decades of experience and a commitment to excellence. In order to circumvent any quality issues, call customer service with your concerns before you place your order as we do not refund.
How long will my order take?
Our service times vary depending on the product ordered. Most take 1-2 days, but our goal is quality and speed, not just speed alone. Some products cannot be rushed, so call customer service with any questions about service time as we do not guarantee service times nor refund if a service time is not met. If you have an emergency and need an order quickly, please call customer service to understand your options.
How do I cancel or change an order?
Please double check your orders for accuracy before sending. Changes or cancellations are usually not available unless they involve finishing services. Call customer service immediately during business hours for more information. DO NOT email or leave a message for changes or cancellations.
You will receive an email with your order confirmation. If you do not receive an email, possibly your order went into "space" and you will need to resend. DO NOT resend an order without contacting us, as sometimes emails go into clutter, etc. Sending a 2nd order may result in you receiving and paying for two orders.

What is a metallic print?

Metallic prints are true silver halide photographs printed on a special paper that replicates the sheen of metal. Images are high gloss, high contrast, and have a high impact. Images with high color saturation make great metallic prints.
What are collage prints?
Collage prints and cards include access to FREE templates (designs) for your use within the PhotoEVO full ordering system. They incorporate more than one image and personal text. Some templates have a distinct theme, but many templates are interchangeable and include color and design elements that do not relate to any one purpose.
Be sure to check your fonts here before ordering to ensure accurate font choice if you choose to use the fonts shown on our templates. If you choose a font in the options, those font choices are taken directly from the fonts available on your computer.
What are image books?
Image books are a great way to display a large number of images. They are used by professional photographers for "proofing" or to show their clients their images for ordering purposes. Select the layout of 4-up, 8-up, etc. and the background color or image for the background, strokes, fonts, and colors. To make your book unique, choose a background from your files. You may either drag & drop your images separately or select all of your images and drag and drop all at once onto the page.Your book will be spiral bound with a hard cover and backing.
Click the "add to order" once only after you have completed your image book, as it is only one product.
Do the holiday greeting cards, graduation announcements, invitations, etc. come with envelopes?
Yes, with a few exceptions. Read the website description for the product you would like to order to be clear on what is included. Also, note that you may ask for 5x7 size envelopes when ordering 5x5 cards, as postage for the square card has additional fees you may want to avoid.
Envelope upgrades are available for an extra charge. Contact customer service as there are many options.
What if I want to design my own press product?
PhotoEVO has press PSD guides for all products that require bleeds, which are all press products. Please check your design using these guides BEFORE ordering. If you are concerned and want one of our staff to check your design, order a layout test during checkout.
I'm having trouble loading the Full PhotoEVO Ordering Software!
Always update your JAVA before the original download. After you have downloaded our ordering software, JAVA will update automatically within the program. If you have a problem, call customer service at either location or production. We will be happy to help.

Can I edit my images after they are loaded in PhotoEVO ordering software?

Edit your images BEFORE loading them into the system.

If you must edit your images in Photoshop or another image editing program after you have opened them in the PhotoEVO ordering software, follow this procedure to insure that your changes will be made.

After saving your changes in your editing program, return to the ordering software. Right click the thumbnail of your image and select "Refresh". Your changes will be reflected in the thumbnail and you can safely place your order. Not following this procedure will result in distorted images.

I updated my Mac OS X computer and now ROES doesn't seem to be working!


On June 16, 2009 Apple deployed an update to OS X 10.5.7 for Java via Software Updates. This update has performed some restructuring of the folder path to Java Web Start, and fails to retain the file in its' expected path of Applications - Utilities. Attempting to launch a ROES shortcut results in the icon bouncing on the dock and nothing else occurring.

To resolve these startup errors, using Finder go into the local hard drive and System - Library - CoreServices. Locate Java Web and copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into the Utilities folder under Applications. Using a web browser, go to the lab's web site and launch ROES. During the startup process, 2 warning windows will display - one to trust the application and another to allow it unrestricted access to the system. Click OK to both of these and ROES should open as normal. In rare cases, you may need to right-click on the launch.jnlp and choose Open With, then Browse to Java Web in Applications - Utilities. You can associate it with the Java Web in CoreServices, but at this time it is impossible to tell if the next Apple update for Java will keep it there.

Shortcut Issues:

Core 2 Duo Systems: To get a new shortcut, open Java from the same Utilities folder and click the Network tab, then click View cache at the lower right to bring up the Java Cache Viewer. Use the menu or icon to create a desktop application or shortcut as desired.

Core Duo and Non-Intel Mac: Shortcuts seem to be able to be created but WILL NOT EXECUTE. You must run from the lab's ROES link on their web site or from their ROES listed in the Java Cache Viewer, accessed from Finder in Applications - Utilities and open Java In the Network tab, click View to open the Java applications list.

My desktop shortcut has disappeared. How can I get it back?

If the PhotoEVO icon on your desktop disappears, these are the steps to restore it:

1) Click "Start", then "Run"

2) Type in "javaws -viewer" into the "Run" box (without the quotes, note the space between javaws and the dash)

3) The Java Cache Viewer should open up. Right click the application you want to restore icons for and click "Install shortcuts"