Big Heads & Little Heads

Pump up the energy at the game or the party by taking along a Big Head! Be that guy - go the extra mile to support your team or get the party going. Get a stack of Little Heads to show your crew they're the greatest or surprise the guest of honor at the party!

Our Big Heads are printed onto corrugated plastic (also known as corro-plast or corflute) and have hand-holds that are reinforced with grommets for you to hold your Big Head high.

Our Little Heads are press printed on satin card stock with rounded corners and have craft stick handles.

Little Heads (8.5 x11 card)$3.25 (min 24)
24x24 Big Head*$20.99
30x30 Big Head*$25.99
30x45 Big Head*$28.99
Life-sized cutout 24x60/24x64/24x72 $47.99 single side $87.99 double side
Kickstand for cutout$15.00