Premium Photographic Books

Our new Premium Photographic Books are a finely-crafted upgrade from our press printed lay flat books. These books are made using a true photographic process of silver halide prints. They also have a true lay flat construction using one continuous silver-halide print spread, which means these books have the added benefit of being 100% gutter free, however, it is still best to keep faces from the center of the page.

These books are perfect for wedding albums or books, baby books, boudoir books, vacation books, grad books and more.

Minimum is 8 pages or spreads/16 sides and maximum is 20 pages or spreads/40 sides.

As always, FREE CUSTOM DESIGN is available.

Books have true photographic covers or may be slate or camel leatherette.

Order a Premium Photo Book in the Photo EVO Photo Books catalog.

Print Size16 sides/8 pagesAdditional Pages