Wallet Special

FREE gift for your graduating seniors

Promo Code: Free8

As our reward to all graduates, PhotoEVO would like to gift every high school senior with one sheet of eight (8) personalized die-cut wallets from their senior portrait digital file. Image can be taken by family, friend or purchased from your professional photographer.
PhotoEVO is a boutique digital photo ordering center, dedicated to offering customers unique, professional quality, super priced photo products from their digital files. The FREE 8 wallets are perfect for giving to family, inserting into graduation announcements, or attaching to their resumes.
This FREE gift is available all year long and limited to one offer per senior student. FREE 8 wallets may be ordered in either ordering center or on online
Personalization is available within our ordering program with many font and color options at no extra cost.  Additional photo prints and products may be purchased, but is not required.
PhotoEVO prefers a win-win by spending advertising dollars in a positive and rewarding way to develop future customers with this sample of our professional products.